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Little Green People Show


The Little Green People Show, along with its supporting website and expert blogs, was the answer to a series of questions. How does a brick-and-morter museum, in the early part of the twenty-first century, reach out to people who might never actually step through its doors? How does a venerable institution full of classic exhibition offerings and archived collections adapt to the needs of a public increasing oriented toward digital information? And how does a museum like this raise its profile and leverage the opportunity of  a public growing ever more hungry for going-green advice?

The answer: Create a new digital strategy for raising the museum’s profile and delivering more of it’s core content, messaging, and expertise beyond its walls. The resulting weekly podcast—which I produced, managed, and developed between 2006 to 2008—starred two of the city’s leading environmental voices, Laurene Von Klan and Jill Riddell, and the show itself was once described as a sort of “Car-Talk for sustainable-living.” The supporting website—which I also managed and developed—included audio downloads, expert bloggers, sustainable-living resources, and urban-nature photography.

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