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Birth of a Site

You know how everyone keeps saying you need to throw-up an online portfolio if you want to be a real professional type of creative person (I mean content creating type of socially-networked interactive person) in the digital age? Welcome to the DuBow Daily Dig. It’s all still being refined, but the archives are starting to post and the kinks are starting to straighten out. Feedback welcome. Spell-checkers encouraged. I heart haters.

Holiday Season Reminder

Dear Friends:

Let’s not forget, amidst all the big eating and drinking, that not everyone is so fortunate.

For instance, just think of all your freelance writer friends without any good office parties to go to.

In this season of giving, please consider all of your most favorite freelancers and invite (at least) one of them to your next holiday party.

Give generously, invite liberally, and be sure to rsvp for +1!

May you all find good times and open buffet lines stretched out before you all year long.

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