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Do you need an editor or a writing coach ...

... for your next book, blog post, story, article, cover letter, term paper, resume, or admissions essay?

The main difference between my work as an editor and my work as a writing coach comes down to how much emphasis I'll place on your process versus your product.

Coaching is a kind of process based teaching or mentoring and—in most cases—a more appropriate approach for me to take with writers, of any age, looking to learn and grow.

Editing often contains elements of coaching and vice versa. But with editing, my focus shifts more toward helping you hone a sparkling final product or, in some cases, honing that sparkling final product for you, line by line.

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You might need a writing coach if ...

You're in need of some writing related skill building or homework support or you're working on an academic paper where your learning comes first.

You're looking to develop better writing habits, get past a block, or find an accountability partner to help you complete a stubborn project.

You’re trying to break into a new publication or marketplace or you’re hoping to sharpen your voice, hone your craft, or explore a new idea or genre.

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You might need an editor if ...

You want to strategically frame your professional story in a resume or cover letter or promote yourself with a new social media post or business website.

You’re looking for big-picture feedback—for an academic, creative, or technical writing project—focused on elements such as structure, thesis, theme, evidence, audience, voice, organization, and point-of-view.

You’re looking for line-by-line tweaks and suggestions that focus on the clarity, style, length, and impact of your words and sentences. Or if you've got a final draft, you're looking for some proofreading.

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Editing & Coaching

Exquisite Sensibilities
I have known Shane since my earliest years as a writer when I was writing my first book, The Perfect Storm. Shane and I admired the same writers and spent a lot of time trading drafts of our work and giving each other feedback. His appreciation for tight prose and his unerring sense of narrative structure made his contributions to my work absolutely crucial. Any serious writer – even those who have been working at it for years – will benefit from his exquisite sensibilities and deep knowledge of the craft. — Sebastian Junger  (Best-Selling Author of The Perfect Storm)

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Hourly and project based pricing available, let's discuss.

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