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Everybody Down


So I got caught up in an armed bank robbery. And then, for a lot of reasons that still confuse me, I decided I’d try to go find the man who’d put a gun on me and hit pause on my life. The story of that search—and of who I met and what I found along the way—is the story of “Everybody Down.” And now, years later, as the story continues to unspool, it’s grown into a nonfiction book project.


Harper's Magazine

The story of a migrant crew of combiners threshing crop from Texas to Montana, May to September, and wheat to corn.

Dog Bites Dog

The New York Times Magazine

Hanging out with dog fighters in Indianapolis.

High Stakes in the Bluegrass

National Geographic

The mystery behind a thoroughbred-killing plague in Kentucky horse country.

Crude, Dude!


Party time with the Southern Illinois University Men’s Rugby Club.

For Whom The Cell Tolls


Catching up with Sebastian Junger in his own perfect storm.

Real Wild Turkey


A road-trip across Turkey, against the flow of history, from west to east.

Cilantro Love


Making it up in the kitchen in search of love.

Life by the Tracks, Zip 60614

National Geographic

Vieques On The Verge


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