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Little Green People Show


The Little Green People Show, along with its supporting website and expert blogs, was the answer to a series of questions. How does a brick-and-morter museum, in the early part of the twenty-first century, reach out to people who might never actually step through its doors? How does a venerable institution full of classic exhibition offerings and archived collections adapt to the needs of a public increasing oriented toward digital information? And how does a museum like this raise its profile and leverage the opportunity of  a public growing ever more hungry for going-green advice?

The answer: Create a new digital strategy for raising the museum’s profile and delivering more of it’s core content, messaging, and expertise beyond its walls. The resulting weekly podcast—which I produced, managed, and developed between 2006 to 2008—starred two of the city’s leading environmental voices, Laurene Von Klan and Jill Riddell, and the show itself was once described as a sort of “Car-Talk for sustainable-living.” The supporting website—which I also managed and developed—included audio downloads, expert bloggers, sustainable-living resources, and urban-nature photography.

Rabbits & Hawks

This American Life

The story of four Chicago teens convicted of murder and sent to prison until DNA evidence sets them free… fifteen years too late.

Listen here to Rabbits & Hawks from the “Perfect Evidence” episode of This American Life.

Facing Life: The Retrial of Evan Zimmerman


The story of one man’s choice to reject a tainted freedom and risk a life sentence to clear his name.

Directed and produced by Shane DuBow and David Boodell.

Countdown to an Execution


A crusading lawyer’s last-chance to save a client from execution.

Directed, produced, written, and filmed by Shane DuBow & David Boodell.

The Stereo Type

This American Life

Hot speakers and small-time cons.

Listen here to The Stereo Type from the “Suckers” episode of This American Life.

Indecent Proposal

This American Life

A funny money guy spending money to challenge his colleagues’ conservative politics.

Listen here to Perfect Evidence from the “Big Tent” episode of this American Life.

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