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Holiday Card

Mode Project

A freaky holiday card for the partners and clients of Mode Project.

The Assignment: An awesomely twisted illustrator draws four iconic holiday-season characters — an elf, a yeti, an evergreen, and a snowman. My job is to take those characters, as drawn, and set them in a story that offers an uplifting (but sap-free) holiday message.

The Oracle


Text coming soon….

Lawn Nation

Notebaert Nature Museum

We are a nation of grass. We are sixty million lawns, sixteen thousand golf courses, seven hundred thousand athletic fields, and a $40 billion a year lawn care industry. We are 169,625,789 backyard grills. We are all the games of badminton, bocce ball, and croquet. We are 250 gallons of water per person per day devoted to turf grass. We are our campus quads, village greens, and town squares. We are enough scattered lawn acres to blanket Kentucky. We are a coast-to-coast green carpet that grows some 400,000 acres larger every year.

Lawn Nation: Art & Science of the American Lawn was an original multimedia exhibition I developed for the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago. The exhibition featured an 18 month production timeline, a $130,000 budget, a three-month public run, 60,000 visitors, an award-winning outdoor element called “Beyond Lawn,” a comprehensive website, two video games, two documentary films, a time-lapse webcam, a 3D slide show, a croquet course, a commissioned backyard census of flora and fauna, an audio story on the sport of lawnmower racing, a flock of rainwater-catching plastic flamingos, a kiosk for user-generated content, and more than 30 participating artists, scientists, and institutional partners coming together to explore the art, science, and environmental consequences of the American lawn.

The Hyatt Graphic Standards Manual


So this is, or was at the time, the Hyatt brand bible–essentially a massive style guide–for anyone designing graphics or ads for Hyatt. If you’ve ever taken a look at one of these manuals up close, you know how many minute details they seek to articulate.

And so that’s why I’ve included it here.

Because sometimes you just want to be sure that the writer you might hire can write it straight and deliver sharp prose for business clients.

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