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Press & Appearances



Animal Planet, Animal Witness, “The Michael Vick Case,” on-air interview, 2008

MediaBistro.com, “Pop Quiz for Shane DuBow,” online interview, 2005

National Geographic, “Field Notes,” online field interview, 2003

WBUR, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, “Is Society Going to the Dogs?,” on-air interview, 2002.

National Geographic, “Field Notes,” online field interview, 2002

WBUR, Here and Now, on-air interview, 2000

WBUR, One in Ten, on-air interview, 1995


Lectures and Panels

Museum Computer Network, Annual Conference, presenter & panelist, 2007

MediaBistro.com, “Get a Freelance Life,” panelist, 2006

FTT Lecture Series, University of Notre Dame, screening and discussion, 2005

Northwestern University, Creative Writing Program, “Writing for Fame & Fortune,” lecture, 2005

Northwestern University, Center On Wrongful Convictions, screening & discussion, 2005

Columbia College, Fiction Writing Department, lecture, 2003

University of Chicago, “Careers in Freelancing,” panelist, 2002

Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism, lecture, 2000

Columbia College, Creative Nonfiction Week, panelist, 2000

Emerson College, Advanced Writing Workshop, lecture, 2000

University of Illinois at Chicago, Writing Program, lecture, 1999


Film Screenings

Wisconsin Innocence Project, University of Wisconsin, screening, 2009

Wisconsin Pubic Defenders’ Criminal Defense Conference, screening & discussion, 2006

New York University, Public Interest Law Center, screening & discussion, 2005



School-House Gallery, Summer Reading Series (curated by Nick Flynn), reading, 2000

NewtonBooks: New Writers Series (with Steve Almond), reading, 2000


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